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since 2007

Our  Story

ROAST BAR GROUP was founded in 2007, and "John Joe's BBQ" has developed from a small alley in Taichung, Taiwan. It has gradually become the largest chain of barbecue brands in Taiwan. Over the past decade, it has made great efforts and accumulated one step at a time. For its consistent quality, food materials are purchased from fruit and vegetable markets every day and preserved at low temperature. Send it to all markets; adjust the work flow, draw working memory blocks and establish standardized operation process; use the patent infrared vertical oven, no smoke and no charcoal fire, cook food delicious and healthy, not only conducive to baking, but also healthier and smokeless cooking.

"Mr. Cow BBQ & BAR" was founded in 2013 and is positioned to develop the overseas barbecue market. In addition to the original desktop barbecue, many special snacks, such as stewed meat, beef noodles and stewed rice, are put on the menu to provide more diversified meals and services. In 2017, "Mr. Cow  BBQ & BAR" established its first overseas restaurant in Shanghai. In the future, "Mr. Cow  BBQ & BAR" will continue to actively develop overseas markets and move more cities.

"Chin Tsai" is a new brand we created in 2015. It uses freestyle to create interesting cuisine style. It covers chefs who have been engaged in Western food for more than ten years. It combines Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine styles to create interesting new cuisine, which makes casual and inconvenient.

"Fire" is a brand we tried out in 2018. It is located in the Eastern District of Xinzhu City. It is a delicious pot of soup that belongs to "boiling" and enjoys its own small chafing dish in a refreshing space.

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Our  Purpose

ROAST BAR GROUP is looking forward to giving you a relaxed and friendly gathering place, a secret base where you can chat freely all over the world. Late at night, there will always be a place for you to leave the last lamp, where you have enough food, enough energy and electricity, and continue to struggle for the challenges of tomorrow!

Providing the healthiest ingredients and letting customers leave happily is the original intention of our store and the goal of our daily efforts.

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1, 13 / F, 530 Ying Cai road, West District, Taichung City